Mycroft on a treadmill
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Soooo…..apparently Sherlock has a ‘seeing-John-eat-kink’

(Seriously, I didn’t do anything to this, I cut it out from the scene, looped it and slowed it down a bit, that’s it)


WAAAAHHH!!!! Perfect!

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Au meme
  → Sherlock as a chick flick (Although it practically is already)
       Variation of something requested by inthecityintherain

That’s not it dammit. I love you.


okay tumblr, new episode watched (and fyi AGoS so you don’t have to spoilermark those requests either anymore)

it’s still kinda congealing in my head; some things i loved and some things, not so much, but that was expected

i still feel like drawing dumb sherlock things so that’s a good sign

not so happy with people quitting s/j because irene happened, i want my wip fics finished dammit c’mon don’t quit on me ppl

EXACTLY! I can’t seem to understand how people all of the sudden just abandons this ship! I lurv Jawn/Shurluck 4 laf!

"I don’t care how straight you say they are, I am going to ship them forever."

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“And the world stop turning.”

No comment… :)

So I know I say this every time there’s new Marie art, but THIS might now be my all-time favorite.  So much emotion in this image.  John’s face MY GOD HIS FACE HOW DO YOU ART.

YOU GUYS. This is utter brilliance, but it’s all over my dash. And who decides to glance over at what I’m doing just now? None other than my very own mother. 

Of course.

Welp, this is definitely awkward.

I like this for reasons.