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the fact that the last day of 2012 is a monday really sums up how this year went

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Does anyone know where I can watch the part from the Olympics Opening Ceremony with Benedict and the Tardis noise in it? I’ve seen the whole thing on one of those live player sites for TV-channels (since I wasn’t at home when the whole thing aired), but I guess the Swedish channel-thing must have cut that part away, cuz I can’t find it. Could anyone Please, PLEASE(!) send me a link to it or something? *Big puppy-eyes*

Jensen and Misha at SDCC 2012 [x]

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I just have to tell you how happy I am to have seen Top Gear Live XD it was a bit corny I can admit, but I’m not really a car-fanatic I just really like the program OK? But I’m so happy to have seen James May :D

EDIT: Of course I had to eat Ahlgrens bilar (Ahlgrens cars- type of candy) whilst I was watching cars XD



I just want that in August 2012. The Doctor at The Olympics.

 #PEOPLE OF THE UK #The fate of the universe rests in your hands #If you do not let the Doctor (and/or the Doctor disguised as David Tennant disguised as the Doctor) light the Olympic flame in August #You risk a catastrophic breach in the space-time continuum #Do your duty for humanity #LET HIM LIGHT THE DAMN THING



Doctor Who is a national treasure and everyone’s already sick of Olympics over here. It would be a nice surprise..

And who would have the heart to say no to David Tennant? 


Sign the petition everyone! Seriously though, if this does not happen, I will write to David Cameron and sue him.

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Whether or not you ship Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, every Sherlock fan can admit that January 29th is a day to be celebrated. January 29 marks the day that our sweet prince, Mike Stamford, introduced John to Sherlock - therefore I’d like to celebrate just like one would Valentine’s Day.

So I challenge you all to go find your tumblr sweetheart / best friend, send them a message or a fanmail, and ask them to be your Sherlock or John for the day. Simple as that.

Spread the message, spread the love. <3

Happy anniversary!! :D

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Gary Oldman walking the runway for Prada Fall/Winter 2012

Walk, walk, fashion baby..

"But. If any harm comes to Dr.Watson, I shall seek you out. I will not rest until I find you and when I do…"

~The Woman in Green(1945)

I read somwhere that there will be more that one hint in The Reichenbach Fall” to the movie "The Woman in Green" (1945).

And if you where to believe this picture (from here):

It might just be this scene. And I just got to say, that if I see Sherlock saying this about John….I might just evaporate into a fine powder on the floor. Seriously, my mind could not take it…

Bilbo….With a Banana…Bananas Are Good.